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Certified welding processes and high-performance assembly technologies

Assembling material in Ferroberica processing centres follows the production phase, and is carried out on customer request by qualified personnel in accordance with certified welding processes.

Our range of pre-assembled products includes:

  • Framework for tunnel boring operations;
  • Framework for slurry walls complete with inserts, space-saving elements and all types of intake systems;
  • Framework for large elements with mixed structures;
  • Reinforcement framework for masts of any diameter, bulkheads and prefabricated structural elements.

Only rebar, coils and welded wire mesh produced by Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia are used to make pre-assembled material.

Discover the properties of Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia products

The compliance of products and services is pursued with cutting-edge technology and the application of an accreditation system to check production processes.


Welding personnel are qualified in accordance with standard EN ISO 9606-I: 2017, guaranteeing a high level of skill in welding prefabricated elements. Assembly inspection personnel hold qualifications issued by the professional welding institute for visual weld inspections in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 9712:2017-Level 2, attesting to product quality.

A particular advantage during the rebar assembly phase is the use of LENTON couplings, i.e. mechanical joints made of truncated conical threading. These methods are used as an alternative to welding or overlapping rebars and have the following benefits:

  • Rebar alignment errors are eliminated;
  • Incorrect concrete flow during the casting phase is avoided;
  • Lifting methods are optimised;
  • The risk of exceeding parameters for steel/concrete ratio is eliminated;
  • Reinforced concrete structures compliant with strict seismic standards can be designed;
  • Increased safety for employees.


The use of mechanical joints is especially suited to complex projects and large structures such as bridges, viaducts, beams, and large industrial constructions.