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4 production sites situated in strategic points

Ferroberica was established  in January 1973 in Vicenza, where the registered and administrative offices and main production site are still based. Over the years, the company has extended its sphere or operation throughout Italy to serve leading construction companies.

Ferroberica today has n. 4 production sites, situated in strategic points to cover the whole of Italy.


The three factories located in Northern Italy ensure efficiency and quality service, which results in short delivery times. The fourth factory, located in Catania, near Acciaieria di Sicilia, ensures suitable  coverage to meet the requirements of customers in Southern Italy.


All Ferroberica production plants have obtained quality system certification to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 from IGQ (certificate no. 9934) and IQNet (certificate IT-5439 / IGQ 9934), and accreditation as a Converting Centre, in accordance with current technical legislation for constructions.

Accreditations as a converting centre IGQ and IQNET certificates


Production facilities


Cutting-edge machines


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Partners of  FERROBERICA


Ferro Berica has many Partner production plants which collaborate in order to ensure a presence in the whole italian country and guarantee a quick delivery of products.

Alfa Acciai - Tecnofill - Acciaierie di Sicilia
Altri siti produttivi
An annual production capacity of 250.000 tonnes a year at constant quality

An annual production capacity of 250.000 tonnes a year at constant quality

Ferroberica is part of the Alfa Acciai Group, a European leader in the manufacture of construction steel, with an annual production capacity of 2.5 million tonnes of steel.


All  Ferroberica  products are made using steel from the Alfa Acciai Group only. This guarantees prompt response and execution of customer orders and optimisation of process parameters while maintaining high performance levels.


In addition to the guarantee of a product the characteristics and response of which remain unchanged during processing, the exclusive  use of reinforcing steel produced by the Group ensures product traceability for customers, which also means significant cost savings for the site acceptance tests, in accordance with current technical legislation for constructions.

Ongoing focus on plant innovation and investments

Ongoing focus on plant innovation and investments

Our production sites uses latest generation technology and equipment.


Ferroberica has always focused on innovation and the use of state-of-the-art equipment to make a high-performance product.


Working in close cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers of machines for making reinforcing steel in bar or coils, Ferroberica proved to be a valuable partner in the research and development of new advanced technologies and equipment in terms of automation, construction quality, ergonomic solutions and production capacity.

FERROBERICA plants are equipped with the latest-technology machines and equipment used in the industry, namely:


Fully automatic rebar cutting and shaping systems


Rebar cutting systems


Rebar shaping stations


Stirrup bending machines from coil


LENTON threading machines


Pre-assembled framework-forming machines




Lifting systems