Feasibility study

Feasibility study

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Improve methods, optimise operations

The highly specialist technical personnel at Ferroberica provide companies with a consultation service in the planning and implementation phases. This focuses specifically on the work to be carried out, planned timescales, and a feasibility study to produce standard and custom prefabricated elements, including transport and the use of mechanical joints, with the primary aim of safety and meeting customer requirements with regard to implementation timescales and production costs.

Lengthy experience means being able to advise our customers implementation solutions which are advantageous with respect to the initial engineering design, by collaborating with selected technical design firms.


With the aim of improving construction methods and minimising costs for customers, the technical department at Ferroberica analyses the financial and technical aspects of the design and optimises them on the basis of customer requirements. Adaptations are suggested that enable technical and/or financial simplifications to shaping, prefabrication and installation processes.

Design and implementation consultations at Ferroberica include:

  • Conducting a feasibility study on the reinforcements in the detailed design during the quotation phase;
  • Illustrating proposals aimed at improving the shaping, assembly and on-site installation process.  The team liaises with selected technical design firms to provide a detailed analysis of all elements to be shaped, assembled, transported and installed on site, with the aim of reducing implementation times and risks resulting from work activities, on production premises and work sites;
  • Preparing summaries for reinforcements broken down into project and structural elements, showing details on shape, quantities, diameter of individual reinforcement positions and the resulting weight;
  • Defining a production plan on the basis of schedules agreed with the Customer.

Commencing with the initial design analysis phase, Ferroberica communicates with site representatives to define a delivery plan based on the work schedule, thanks to partnerships with external companies that make it possible to operate quickly and reliably throughout the country.


Providing a professional consultation service in all phases of a project, from planning through to installation, is a distinguishing feature at Ferroberica.

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