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Customer care

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Supporting customers with expertise and reliability

Ferroberica takes considerable care with all processes that affect product quality, including the compliance of the material with design requirements, loading, transport and site delivery methods, and obtaining full customer approval.



Customers can count on dedicated personnel in regular contact with technical and production departments, which enables the company to tailor its service to the specific challenges of individual sites. Optimisation, adaptations and improvements are the order of the day, to provide the required material as promptly as possible in the interest of site efficiency.





Ferroberica continually monitors customer satisfaction levels in view of ensuring ongoing improvements with respect to all assessment criteria.


The company achieves excellent customer feedback on the expertise of production personnel, rapid response times, availability and readiness to respond to customer requests.



For Ferroberica transparency and sustainability are fundamental requirements. By accessing the dedicated portal, our customers can view and download at any time and with simple intuitive steps, all the documentation and certifications related to the identification and traceability of each product.


Be careful to issues on environmental and energy sustainability, Ferroberica has implemented the new portal with the information necessary to determine the ecological footprint of the work in question.


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