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Human resources

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Our personnel: the company's most valuable assets

Motivated and skilled personnel with a sense of responsibility constitute the added value of Ferroberica. Personnel undergo continuous professional development through specific education and training activities.

Ferroberica employees and contractors are the valuable resources who are crucial for the success and development of the company.


Ferroberica has always worked on the basis of involving and instilling a sense of responsibility in each and every employee. Only by doing so is it possible to achieve the team spirit and commitment that connects all employees, whether they work in administration, technical or sales departments, production departments, or are involved in on-site installation activities.


Company managers are continually involved in meetings to discuss and analyse issues and their progress, and produce agreed solutions with a resulting improvement in productivity.

This type of approach facilitates coordination, the sharing of information, innovation and, in one word, efficiency.

 Competent staff who report directly to the company

Competent staff who report directly to the company

At Ferroberica the quality of products and services is closely linked to the high level of expertise of the people working for the company.


The efficiency of the entire production process and on-site installation is ensured directly by company personnel.


Welding personnel hold qualifications in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 9606-1:2017, attesting to a high level of skill for welding framework for masts, bulkheads and pre-assembled material in general. Welding inspectors also hold specific qualifications in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 9712:2012 – Level 2.

Maximum commitment to safety: a guarantee for us and our customers

Maximum commitment to safety: a guarantee for us and our customers

Ferroberica has always operated in line with legislation on health and safety in the workplace, which is a subject the company focuses on through employee training and education.


As a member of the Italian association of reinforcing steel pre-shapers ANSFER, Ferroberica took an active part in finalising the first manual on health and safety in the workplace specifically for operators in the pre-shaped steel industry, to be used as a valid training and information tool.


This means that Ferroberica has almost zero turnover of personnel in all its departments, and figures for accidents and absenteeism well below average industry values.

The flexibility required to work well in less time

The flexibility required to work well in less time

Ferroberica has adopted a flexible and integrated organisational structure to ensure maximum quality and efficient service. The company achieves optimal conditions in each production phase, be it the project procurement phase and technical/logistics management, subsequent phases such as cutting, shaping, transport, assembly, or on-site installation, if agreed contractually.


Ferroberica operates with personnel directly on their sites and has numerous relationships with trusted partners to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction throughout the country.

The progress of the entire process is ensured directly by company personnel, who supervise the various phases, coordinating and monitoring the operations of contractors.

This streamlined structure and numerous partnerships with third parties make it possible to:

  • Speed up delivery times;
  • Increase customer satisfaction levels, even relating to deliveries to small sites;
  • Deliver prefabricated elements to sites, reducing the risk of accidents as a result;
  • Plan deliveries involving several loads a day for the same site, reducing work implementation times as a result.


The Certification Committee at the Marco Biagi Department of Economics at the University of Modena & Reggio Emilia has endorsed the authenticity of tender contracts relating to companies working regularly with Ferroberica.


Resolution no. 7/2003 of 13 March 2003 issued by the Supervisory Authority for Public Works (now ANAC, the Italian anti-trust authority) authorises the use of contractors for on-site installation contracts.


Ferroberica and its suppliers (hauliers, installers and assemblers) are registered on the Anti-Mafia Whitelist in their respective areas.