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1. A synergy of expertise and solutions

The highly specialist technical personnel at Ferroberica liaise with selected technical design firms to provide companies with a detailed consultation service in the planning phase, which focuses specifically on the reinforcement solutions to be produced.


With the ultimate objective of minimising costs for customers, the company uses its technical expertise and the design created by the customer to carry out feasibility studies, and creates specific customised solutions designed to improve work implementation times and safety during the various project phases, such as on-site installation.

2. Reliable delivery times

Ferroberica has adopted a flexible and integrated organisational structure to ensure maximum quality and efficient service. The company achieves optimal conditions in each production phase, be it the project procurement phase and technical-logistics management, subsequent phases such as cutting, shaping, transport, assembly, or on-site installation, if agreed contractually. 


Ferroberica operates with personnel directly on their sites and has numerous relationships with trusted partners to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction throughout the country.


The progress of the entire process is ensured directly by company personnel, who supervise the various phases, coordinating and monitoring the operations of contractors.


This streamlined structure and numerous partnerships with third parties make it possible to:

  • Speed up delivery times;
  • Increase customer satisfaction levels, even relating to deliveries to small sites;
  • Deliver prefabricated elements to sites, reducing the risk of accidents as a result;
  • Plan deliveries involving several loads a day for the same site, reducing work implementation times as a result.

3. Production capacity of 400.000 tonnes a year at constant quality

Ferroberica is part of the Alfa Acciai Group, a leading steel producer in Europe with an annual production capacity of 2.5 million tonnes. This makes it possible to execute any customer order quickly.


Customers are guaranteed consistently high quality through the use of products from the Alfa Acciai Group, whose steel has uniform, repeatable characteristics, and the quality of the raw material used is known.


Customers are able to optimise operational parameters when the characteristics and response of products during processing remain unchanged over time. Finally, material coming from one steel mill, depending on the location of the site, means less sampling and mechanical testing are required, reducing costs for acceptance tests significantly (Ministerial Decree 17/01/2018).

4. Cutting-edge machinery

Ferroberica has always been committed to innovation and the use of cutting-edge machinery to make high-performance products. Since the company was established it has worked with major international manufacturers of machinery for processing steel for reinforced concrete in bars and coils.


Ferroberica has proven to be an essential partner for machinery manufacturers in the machinery design and optimisation phase by testing and using the machinery on production sites, with the aim of improving automation processes, safety, implementation quality, ergonomics and production capacity.

5. Strategic positioning

Ferroberica's factories and processing centres are located in Northern Italy, the industrial heartland of the country, and can quickly supply neighbouring areas, reducing transport costs. A production site in Catania also enables the southern part of the country to be supplied quickly.


All Ferroberica production centres and contractors are located in strategic areas, in industrial/production areas or areas due for significant expansion, and are near main road links to quickly cover all routes via land or sea.

6. Customer care

Ferroberica takes considerable care with all processes that affect product quality, including the compliance of the material with design requirements, loading, transport and site delivery methods, in order to obtain full customer approval.


Customers can count on dedicated personnel in regular contact with technical and production departments, which enables the company to tailor its service to the specific challenges of individual sites. Optimisation, adaptations and improvements are the order of the day, to provide the required material as promptly as possible in the interest of site efficiency.


Ferroberica has continually improved customer satisfaction levels, achieving excellent feedback on the expertise of production personnel, rapid response times, availability and readiness to respond to customer requests.