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Quality - The essential raw material

A principle implemented with systematic testing and authoritative endorsements, and the benefit of processing steel produced within the Group.

Ferroberica deals with all aspects that affect product and service quality using controlled, systematic and documented methods, in line with the philosophy of the Alfa Acciai Group.


In particular we focus on:

  • Ensuring material quality remains unchanged from the producer to the final user;
  • Balancing business growth expectations with customer satisfaction and safeguarding the environment and the workplace;
  • Nurturing customer relationships and achieving high levels of satisfaction.


Ferroberica's strategy to use steel for reinforced concrete produced by Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia only, ensures national and international standards are met, and represents a guarantee of reliability and repeatability for final users, which also means significant cost savings for site checks stipulated by existing legislation (Ministerial decree 17/01/2018, article Site Acceptance Tests).

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Process quality

Process quality

The compliance of products and services is pursued and maintained through the use of cutting-edge technology and the application of an accreditation system to check production processes.


Ferroberica's quality policy is geared towards the ongoing improvement of performance levels and the meeting of customer requirements, in accordance with the philosophy of the Alfa Acciai Group.


This business philosophy led to official recognition of the Quality Management System in 1999, initially for the main Vicenza premises, and subsequently for all the other production sites. Today all the production sites have achieved the certificate of compliance with standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 from the Italian quality organisation (IGQ) – certificate no. 9934, and IQNet – certificate no. IT-5439 IGQ 9934.

IGQ and IQNET certificates

This immediately enabled Ferroberica to obtain official accreditation from the Italian Ministry as a pre-shaping centre, in accordance with current technical legislation for constructions (DM 17/01/2018).

Accreditations as a converting centre
Quality and expertise

Quality and expertise

At Ferroberica the quality of products and services is closely linked to the high level of expertise of the people working at the company. With their experience and skills, our employees are the first to ensure compliance with product requirements and guarantee the production process.


Ferroberica personnel involved in welding processes and the assembly of framework for masts and bulkheads are qualified in accordance with ISO 3834 and UNI EN 9606:2017, attesting to a high level of professional skill. Welding coordinators also hold the relevant qualifications in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 9712:2012 – Level 2.