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The ability to combine solid values with production flexibility

For almost 50 years Ferroberica has been the leading company in Italy and the second in Europe for pre-shaping and assembling reinforcing steel for leading Italian construction companies.

Part of the Alfa Acciai Group since 1991, today the company is a cutting-edge manufacturer with annual production capacity over 400,000 tonnes, four production sites, the latest generation machinery and relationships with various trusted external companies, situated in strategic points to cover the whole of Italy.


To ensure optimum efficiency and a quality service, Ferroberica has adopted a flexible and integrated organisational structure, achieving high efficiency throughout the production process, from the cutting and assembly phases through to implementation. This final phase is monitored by company personnel, who coordinate and supervise the operations carried out by external companies.

An ongoing focus on service quality and customer care, which sets the company and the entire Alfa Acciai Group apart, means Ferroberica can provide companies with a detailed consultation service during the planning phase aimed specifically at the type of reinforcement to be produced. This is delivered by highly specialist technical personnel working closely with the design firms appointed for the project.


Being part of the Alfa Acciai Group enables Ferroberica to have access to the Group's full production capacity for pre-shaping, assembling and installing reinforcing steel, which has reached 2.5 million tonnes of steel and long products annually.


All Ferroberica products are made with steel from the Alfa Acciai Group, which has uniform, repeatable characteristics, enabling the optimisation of process parameters while maintaining high performance levels. This guarantee of reliability and traceability for end users means savings in site acceptance costs, as stipulated in Ministerial Decree 17/01/2018.

Ferroberica supports the Alfa Acciai Group's policy and focus on environmental issues, sustainability, and health and safety in the workplace through training and education.


Ferroberica employees and contractors are the valuable resources who are crucial for the success and development of the company. As a result, the company has always invested in training for employees, with welding qualifications in line with standard EN ISO 9606-1:2017 for welding framework for masts, bulkheads and pre-assembled materials in general, and UNI EN ISO 9712:2012 certification for welding process inspectors. 

Completing the Ferroberica offering is a special commitment to customer care applied and implemented throughout the organisation, and reflected in the quality of base materials, the care taken in design and production, the traceability of batches and transportation. Our work methods and choices have strengthened customer satisfaction, based on significant benefits in terms of costs, timescales and site safety.