Cutting and shaping

Cutting and shaping

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Increased reliability and fewer checks

On the basis of the design created by the customer and refined by our technical department, Ferroberica works with external trusted production centres to produce steel reinforcements for concrete by cutting and shaping rebars, coils and welded wire mesh produced by steel mills in the Alfa Acciai Group.

Ferroberica's strategy to use reinforcing steel produced by Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia only, ensures national and international standards are met, and represents a guarantee of reliability and repeatability, which also means significant savings in costs for final users.


This is due to fact that the material, which comes from one steel mill depending on the location of the site, allows customers to perform less sampling and mechanical testing, as stipulated by current legislation (Ministerial decree 17/01/2018, article Site Acceptance Tests).

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Alfa Acciai Group rebars, welded wire mesh and coils are processed during the cutting and shaping phases in accordance with the design specifications for the work to be implemented and agreed delivery times. 


Shaped steel is produced through a complex production process supported by specific technical programmes to prepare a bill of materials and identification labels for templates of the material to be produced, manage traceability of heats, and optimise cutting and shaping operations. Finally, cutting-edge equipment with optical readers is used to continually check the number and template of the material produced, which is programmed on the basis of dimensional parameters that comply with the items to be produced.

All Ferroberica production centres have obtained certification of compliance with standard UNI EN ISO 9001 from the Italian quality organisation  – certificate no. 9934 and IQNet – certificate no. IT-5439 IGQ 9934 and accreditation from the Italian Ministry as a pre-shaping centre, in accordance with Ministerial Decree 17/01/2018.


In addition to cutting and shaping operations our production centres also carry out assembly operations.